The tea industry in India has made rapid strides in the 20th century. From small increase in area under tea, its production has shown a huge increase. This has been possible through adaptation of scientific cultural practices, which include changes in pruning cycles, use of chemicals for fertilization, plant protection and weed control. Another contributor to quality has been the improvement in processing facilities. Controlled withering and fermentation, introduction of better techniques and some measure of automation have helped in elevating the overall standard of teas.

Amchong estate, located 20 minutes away from the scenic city of Guwahati spans over 1782 acres of prime land. Amchong is known for some of the finest teas in the region employing over 500 workers. It has a capacity of over 1,000,000 Kilograms annually, and this figure is increasing constantly.

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, only after water. It is one of the few beverages that can be consumed hot or cold, on any occasion and at any time of day. Assam is famous all over the world for it's superior full-bodied tea. It makes for a well-balanced flavoury and coloury cup.

The estate has a long, rich history; it was first taken over by part of our current owners in 1977 from Sonapur Tea Company Pvt. Ltd. and the ownership was transferred to BHAURAM JODHRAJ, now a partnership between Shyamlal Khemka (Son of Late Jodhraj Khemka), Anju& Ajay Khemka and Suraj Saraogi. The Khemka family's association with the tea industry can be traced back to at least three generations; their expertise and guidance can be regarded as an asset.

Traditionally Amchong Tea Estate had been manufacturing CTC tea exclusively, and in 2016, we added Orthodox tea to our product line. Our range of Orthodox teas have been well received by the market and have been fetching higher than expected prices at the auctions.

Our Garden Manager, Mr. Arvind Singh is a passionate tea expert who brings in great experience from some of the most premium Darjeeling gardens, making sure the leaf quality is at it's best possible. He has been in the tea industry for several years, making him extremely knowledgeable and innovative in all garden activities. Even while his desk is piled up with documents, he can be found composed and ready for taking on more tasks.

Our Factory Manager, Mr. Narayan Sharma has been part of the Amchong family for over 10 years which has made him an expert on handling and processing our teas. With his sheer energy coupled with technical knowledge, he ensures that our customers receive the best product possible by carefully observing and guiding the staff through every process involved.